Corpus Avesticum 1

Workshop of Corpus avesticum (formerly ECoDA), February 6-9, 2012

In order to initiate and intensify collaboration of European and Iranian researchers on Avestan topics, Dr. Niknam (Zoroastrian priest and researcher, Tehran) visited the LOEWE Project "Digital Humanities".

This meeting was kindly supported by the Spanish project "Avestan Digital Archive" of the University of Salamanca under the supervision of Prof. Cantera, who was also present at the meeting.


left to right: Prof. Alberto Cantera, Prof. Jost Gippert,                              left to right: Diako Nahid, Dr. Kurosh Niknam,
Dr. Kurosh Niknam, Nilufar Niknam,                                                        Dr. des. Saloumeh Gholami, Prof. Jost Gippert,
in front: Prof. Sonja Gippert-Fritz, Dr. des. Saloumeh Gholami                PD Dr. Agnes Korn


Video: Recitation of a fragment of the Xorde Avesta by Dr. Niknam